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Adidas bringing NFC technology to Boost trainer range

Coming to a shoe near you soon…

Not content with trying to make the mere act of running easier for all , Adidas is now giving your shoes the ability to decide on your next major purchase for you, all via the magic of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The company has announced that it will be adding a “lace jewel” with an embedded NFC chip to its Boost running shoes, enabling shoppers with an NFC phone to tap it for detailed product information and to see reviews.

The system uses NFC specialist Thinaire‘s platform and is now live in stores in New York and California. The NFC jewels are branded, decorative tags which are threaded onto the shoe’s lace. On-shelf placards in stores inform customers that they can tap the jewel with their NFC phone for further information and store assistants are also being equipped with NFC phones which they can use to register a customer’s purchase.

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Move over Harrison, there’s a new Blade Runner in town – Adidas Springblade promises “indestructible” shoes that will provide epic energy returns

Check out the ridges on that…

Adidas have always been at the forefront of ground-breaking running technology, and its latest innovation is no different.

One of the obvious problems every runner faces is running out of energy – it’s just how our bodies are. Now Adidas aren’t saying they’ve managed to find the cure for fatigue (because that would be pretty damn special), but hot on the heels of their Energy Boost release a month back, they’re looking to make to make a decent stab at giving you that extra boost with their new Springblade shoes.

Promising to “unleash explosive energy”, the Springblade is the first running shoe with individually tuned blades which are engineered to help propel runners forward with what the company states is one of the most effective energy returns in the industry.

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Could 3D printing be the next leap forward for shoe manufacturers?

3D printing technology could lead to the rise of individually-designed shoes

The Financial Times reported last week on how major shoe manufacturers, most notably Nike and Adidas, are embracing 3D printing technology in order to speed up the shoemaking process, using the technology to make multiple prototype versions at a previously impossible speed.

3D printing technology is becoming an increasingly hot topic in the technology spread, especially as its use becomes more widely used and reported, and the fact that such major companies are utilising it now should mean some interesting future developments – particularly given the bad press that the 3D printing industry has encountered following the hype over home-made guns in the U.S.

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Fashion designer Rick Owens announces collaboration with Adidas

Rick Owens will be designing a range of shoes for both men and women (Photo:Getty)

Not strictly a tech story – but an intriguing one nonetheless…prominent American fashion designer Rick Owens has announced that he is teaming up with Adidas to design a new line of running shoes.

The award-winning fashionista is creating a line which will include six styles for men and four for women. The shoes will stick to one silhouette, but be available in a range of fabrics and colours–think mostly black, grey, and white; with materials being a combination of leather, suede, nylon, and canvas.

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New online running store will pay for your old shoes will reimburse you for your old shoes, and send them to those in need


A new online running shoe store has introduced a way for runners to save money on new shoes while also keeping their old pair out of landfill and helping people in need.

Billing itself as the first socially responsible ecommerce site for runners, pays for consumers to send in their old pair of running shoes with the purchase of a new pair. Along with free shipping, the shoe donation comes with a $10 credit toward a future purchase and the satisfaction of knowing your used shoes will end up on the feet of a person who otherwise would have gone without.

“’s mission is to change the way runners think about how they use and consume their shoes, while rewarding customers with our eco-centric approach,” says’s co-founder Michael Conforti.

The donated shoes will go to two nonprofit organizations, Sole4Souls and MORE Foundation Group, which deliver used shoes to poor communities around the world.

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