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Atlas, the ‘Ultimate Fitness Tracker’, is primed for release

Smartwatches have becoming increasingly popular in the last few months, as many companies, both large and small, set out to catch a piece of the wearable technology sector.

One of the latest is from Atlas Wearables, whose eponymous device has just passed its Indiegogo target of $125,000 and will be shipping to customers soon.

Atlas is able to detect a wide variety of exercises to track your activity

Labelled ‘the ultimate fitness tracker’ by the company, Atlas looks to go beyond simply measuring your steps to measuring your success. Atlas logs your workout with almost zero user action, with the device tracking and identifying different activities, evaluates your form, counts your reps, calculates the calories you burned, and keeps track of your heart rate so you can see how each movement affects your body.

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Nike launches second generation FlyKnit Shoe – the Lunar2

Nike’s Flyknit technology was a stunning advancement for the company – a real sign that it was stepping up its activity in the running shoe space, but also a sign of great innovation. Following the release of the Flyknit Lunar+1 shoe in March 2013, the company has now unveiled the second generation of its footwear – the Lunar2.

Weighing in at just 7 ounces, the shoe is described by Nike as ‘the formula for the perfect run’. The Lunar2 combines an ultralight yet supportive and stretchier Flyknit upper combined with soft, responsive Lunarlon cushioning. The shoes also feature an attached tongue that stays in place and an outsole pattern that more closely matches how the foot naturally moves through a stride.

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Race Yourself AR app brings the next generation of tech into your workout

Augmented Reality is undoubtedly one of the next big trends to hit technology, with developers coming up with ever more interesting ways to use it. We’ve previously covered how gamification of your run or workout can help spur you on, even if it involved a little fear – but now a new app is really taking it to the next level…

Race Yourself is an app for Google Glass which, using augmented reality, gives you an avatar to compete against in the real world. This avatar can then be put into more than 30 different game modes, from simply racing against yourself to being chased by a giant Indiana Jones-style boulder and even hordes of zombies, similar to Zombies, Run, one of our favourite fitness apps of last year.

You can test yourself against past performances to boost your workout

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Zackees turn-signal cycling gloves include built-in indicators to keep you safe

London has been greatly troubled recently by a number of tragic cyclist accidents resulting in several fatalities, an occurrence which has seemingly grown in the dark winter months. It seems paramount that cyclists need to do their absolute utmost to ensure being seen, and thus being safe.

This is why the new cycling gloves from Zackees could prove to be a life-saving invention. Created by former Google software engineer Zach Vorhies, these gloves do away with traditional hand signals by instead including illuminated turn signals inside.

The gloves provide extra lighting and lets motorists around you know your intentions

Each glove has an array of LEDs embedded in its back, which are powered by two onboard coin cell batteries. Those LEDs form a blinking directional arrow, and are activated simply by touching a pair of metal contacts together – one on the inside of the glove’s thumb, and one on the inside of its index finger.

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London-based designer shows off ‘running shoes of the future’

The running shoe market has changed so much in the last decade that it would properly be mind-blowing for runners from twenty or thirty years ago to see how far it have developed. But how will shoes evolve and change in the future?

At this week’s Wearable Futures conference, London designer and researcher Shamees Aden demonstrated a concept shoe which shows how he sees the future developing. The shoes, which Aden is developing with University of Southern Denmark professor Martin Hanczyc, are 3D printed from protocells, a synthetic biological material that can repair itself overnight.

Coming to your feet in the near future?

The shoes’ unique construction allows them to be 3D printed to the exact size of the user’s foot, so they would fit like a second skin. While running, the shoes would react to pressure and movement, providing extra cushioning when needed. Continue reading

‘Tech’d Out’ version of Puma Future Disc Blaze Lite hits Foot Locker stores this weekend

Puma is taking a step into the past this week by re-introducing its iconic Puma Disc running shoe with several modern twists.

Coming complete with a glossy cage, light breathable upper and a lightweight Fass bottom, the Puma Disc “Tech’d Out’ is the latest design masterpiece from shoe maestro Ronnie Fieg and will be available in Foot Locker stores this week.

Available in four colour schemes, the new Puma Discs are a welcome reintroduction of a classic

First introduced in 1992, the Disc was the first laceless running shoe on the market. It had a unique design consisting of an internal wire system to ensure an enhanced custom fit with Trinomic cushioning technology for long mileage. All it takes is a turn of the dial and the wires tighten to maximise fit and comfort.

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Adidas reveals new smartwatch to take on Nike FuelBand SE, launching November 1

Following Nike’s unveiling of the company’s new FuelBand SE yesterday in New York, Adidas has today also decided to show off its take on wearable technology.

The as-yet-unnamed smartwatch was revealed at GigaOm’s Mobilized conference in San Francisco today and will go on sale for the rather pricey sum of $399 (£250) on November 1st.

Adidas’ smartwach will be released on November 1st for $399 (image via CNET)

From what we’ve seen and read, the Adidas smartwatch has several neat features that will set it apart from competitors such as the FuelBand SE. First off, the smartwatch can figure out your heart rate from the pulse in your wrist, and then factor that in with various onboard movement sensors as well as route tracking. The watch will then cook up a custom exercise program with personalised training suggestions, and give prompts for that routine on the colour display.

As well as the GPS and Bluetooth, there’s WiFi and an accelerometer, though no digital compass. The stats the watch collects will synchronize with Adidas’ existing miCoach fitness cloud where there are thousands of pre-configured fitness routines and programs to work through.

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FuelBand 2.0 on the way? Nike schedules event for October 15th

The first-generation of the FuelBand was a big hit, so we’re keen to see what the next version of the technology has in store…

Nike has sent out invitations to a NikeFuel Forum event happening on October 15th in New York that it promises will be a “discussion of the future of the digital world experience and physical activity”.

Although light on specific details, the major buzz around the internets would suggest that Nike will be unveiling, amongst other things, a new version of its FuelBand wearable technology, probably to link into its ever expanding Nike + range. The original FuelBand was released in January of this year, and has only received one purely cosmetic update since then, with several different colours now available, so it’s ripe for a refresh.

Current rumours suggest that a next-generation Nike+ FuelBand will sport some seriously cool technology inside, including a heart rate/pulse monitor, faster data display, Bluetooth 4.0 for improved battery life and syncing, and more robust Nike+ API for developers to tap into your tracking data. Specifically for the heart rate monitor, users will be required to pinch the FuelBand on the monitor area for your pulse to be taken.

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Apple poaches brains behind Nike Fuelband and Flyknit shoes to head up iWatch team?

Apple’s rumoured iWatch could well feature fitness technology capabilities (image courtesy of PC Advisor)

Following the news in August that  fitness industry consultant Jay Blahnik, who previously worked with Nike in developing the FuelBand health monitor, had joined Apple to presumably work on the company’s much-rumoured iWatch device, another former Nike employee is apparently now heading on the way to Cupertino.

Ben Shaffer, the studio director responsible for Innovation Kitchen – Nike’s research and development lab where new products are thought up, will be joining Apple soon to boost its growing wearable technology team.

Whilst under Shaffer’s leadership the company was named by Fast Company as 2013’s most innovative company and the studio most recently produced the Nike Fuel Band and Flyknit shoes.

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New Garmin Forerunner 620 and 220 watches bring a splash of colour to your run

Available now in colour, the Garmin Forerunner watches should bring an extra dimension to your run

With all the noise around recent smartwatch releases from Samsung, Sony and Qualcomm, its easy to forget that many runners have been running with these devices for several years. GPS-enabled watches that track your distance, pace, and heartbeat, are a crucial part of many runner’s equipment, and the market may have just seen a new stand-out offering in the form of two new releases from Garmin.

The Forerunner 620 and Forerunner 220 watches  pack 1-inch colour display screens, along with an accelerometer to track motion, GPS and Bluetooth 4.0 low energy support for smartphone syncing, and alerts for when you start to slack, giving you more in-depth training information than ever before.

The new 620 tracks running cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time – and when paired up with a heart rate monitor, it’ll serve up an estimated VO2 max and recovery time readout on its colour gauge ring. The 620 also links nicely with Garmin’s HRM-Run recovery advisor, providing info on your running form and calculating your recovery time between workouts.

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