Creator of ‘Guitar Hero’ launches fitness app

Adding gamification is a great way to motivate people to stay committed throughout the different process of getting fit. We’ve seen in the past how a good bit of innovative storytelling can inspire users to go that extra mile, and now there’s a new entry to the market from the makers of hit music game Guitar Hero.

Users can choose from a variety of games to help make their workout more enjoyable

Called Blue Goji, the app looks to transform any piece of cardio equipment into an interactive gaming machine. Simply attach the two controllers, each of which has two buttons, to the handles of a piece of equipment such as a bike, clip on the activity sensor, and you can choose from a variety of games to help speed you through your workout.

The game element is viewed on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, showing your character in a variety of scenarios, such as a boat race or boxing competition, with its speed or power coming from your output, measured by Goji’s fitness tracker, either in your pocket or clipped to your belt.

Each level in Blue Goji’s games is two minutes, and some games have up to 30 levels so you could potentially fill a 60-minute workout. If you plug in headphones you can hear the game music and sound effects, but if you are listening to your own music in another app, you’ll only get the sound effects.

The app can be controlled entirely from the handheld controllers (so there’s no need to deal with sweaty fingers on your device’s screen), meaning that gaming becomes an almost organic extension of a workout, providing your brain with a welcome distraction.

The two controllers clip onto cardio equipment

Blue Goji costs $99.99 and the free companion app, which features eight games to download separately (but launched through the main app), is compatible with iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0, including iPhone 4S, iPad 3 and Mini and fifth-generation iPod Touch.

The company is looking to partner with developers to bring new or existing games to its platform, so expect the offering of games to grow.

[Via Mashable]


2 thoughts on “Creator of ‘Guitar Hero’ launches fitness app

  1. Mental – I honestly can’t imagine ever wanting to play FIFA14 while running on the treadmill, though I’d probably give it a go if Virgin Active in Twickenham sorted it out! Training outside though – that’s where it’s at, eh! Thanks for the blog

  2. […] with developers coming up with ever more interesting ways to use it. We’ve previously covered how gamification of your run or workout can help spur you on, even if it involved a little fear – but now a new app is really taking it to the next […]

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