Race Yourself AR app brings the next generation of tech into your workout

Augmented Reality is undoubtedly one of the next big trends to hit technology, with developers coming up with ever more interesting ways to use it. We’ve previously covered how gamification of your run or workout can help spur you on, even if it involved a little fear – but now a new app is really taking it to the next level…

Race Yourself is an app for Google Glass which, using augmented reality, gives you an avatar to compete against in the real world. This avatar can then be put into more than 30 different game modes, from simply racing against yourself to being chased by a giant Indiana Jones-style boulder and even hordes of zombies, similar to Zombies, Run, one of our favourite fitness apps of last year.

You can test yourself against past performances to boost your workout

You can check out a video of the app in action here – it looks amazing fun. By putting a heavy focus on gamification, Race Yourself claims that the happiness and mental boost from succeeding in one of the game scenarios will greatly help improve your wellbeing and fitness.

Escaping from a zombie horde is one of the games available

The app supports other activities asides from running, so cyclists can pit themselves against the might of the Tour de France’s Peloton, or thrillseekers can skydive through virtual rings in the sky.

Race Yourself will be released with Google Glass early in 2014, and will be coming to smartwatches and mobile devices soon after. You can beat the rush, however, and pre-order one of several bundles now, starting at $9.95 for 10 exercise games. We can’t wait to see how it turns out.

[Via The Next Web]


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