Nabu SmartBand covers all the bases

Razer is a company you might associate first and foremost with audio or gaming peripherals, but this year’s CES contained a lot of companies entering the wearable technology space for the first time.

So meet the Nabu, not the Star Wars planet, but Razer’s take on wearable tech. Part smartwatch and part fitness band (like the Jawbone Up), the Nabu provides the best of both worlds.

The Razer Nabu allows your to take calls on the go

There’s the public side on the outside of the band that shows basic notifications like incoming calls. Then, for a little more privacy from prying eyes, there’s a private screen that’s located on the inside of the wrist, which will show information such as emails, messages and the biometric data that the Nabu is constantly collecting.

It can also be connected to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts and, through a handshake, high-five or maybe even a pat on the back, will share your contact information with fellow Nabu users. But along with all of this, it will also track your activity and measure various bits of bio-data.

The Nabu is built to work with both the iOS and Android platforms, and will include an app that pairs the device to your platform of choice while also allowing you to adjust your privacy setting.

And its this community aspect which helps set the Nabu apart. Bringing in the gamification factor which we’ve seen a lot of recently, the Nabu will use its band-to-band communication features to find nearby friends or mutual acquaintances, all depending on the pre-defined users settings, and compare records or even challenge each other.

The stylish Nabu should be available later this year

Razer is even in talks with major game companies regarding development opportunities for future games. The company is also releasing the SDK to any and all developers who are interested in developing software for the band, meaning a wide variety of new and fun ways to exercise and interact should be heading the way of its users soon.

Apparently the Nabu will be released in the next couple of months, and should be priced at a minimal $50. Final retail pricing will be announced in the near future, so watch this space.

[Via Polygon]


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