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Nike says it’s ‘working on’ Android support for FuelBand

The latest version Nike’s wearable technology, the FuelBand SE, is due to go on sale tomorrow, and this week a couple of lucky journalists have had a chance to get a hands-on with it. However one small aspect missing from the upcoming launch is the lack of Android compatibility with the FuelBand, a long-standing issue which probably relates to the pretty cosy relationship between Nike and Apple.

Could Apple’s close relationship with Nike soon be over?

Cupertino head honcho Tim Cook is on Nike’s board of directors, and the company used Nike’s XX app in the official launch of the iOS7 operating system a while back. Apple also reportedly poached the brains behind the original FuelBand to head up its wearable technology division a few weeks ago.

Today, Nike’s VP of Digital Sport, Stefan Olander today told UK tech site TechRadar that an Android app for FuelBand SE is in the works, but that Android is not “mature” enough for Nike to implement the app just yet.

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‘Tech’d Out’ version of Puma Future Disc Blaze Lite hits Foot Locker stores this weekend

Puma is taking a step into the past this week by re-introducing its iconic Puma Disc running shoe with several modern twists.

Coming complete with a glossy cage, light breathable upper and a lightweight Fass bottom, the Puma Disc “Tech’d Out’ is the latest design masterpiece from shoe maestro Ronnie Fieg and will be available in Foot Locker stores this week.

Available in four colour schemes, the new Puma Discs are a welcome reintroduction of a classic

First introduced in 1992, the Disc was the first laceless running shoe on the market. It had a unique design consisting of an internal wire system to ensure an enhanced custom fit with Trinomic cushioning technology for long mileage. All it takes is a turn of the dial and the wires tighten to maximise fit and comfort.

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Misfit Shine activity monitor hits shelves in U.S.

Tagging along to the recent boom in wearable technology pioneered by Samsung, Nike and Fitbit, this week has seen the release of another body-borne activity tracker – the Misfit Shine.

The Misfit Shine can be clipped on nearly anywhere on your body in order to track your activity

Made by San Francisco-based Misfit Wearables, the Shine is a new tracking device designed for a whole range of activities. The body is carved out of a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminium and is shaped like a small metal-clad circular pebble, around the size of a 10-pence piece.

The design is very Apple-esque and looks gorgeous – it can slot into either a rubber wrist band, rubber magnetic clip or optional extra necklace to wear as a pendant. And because it’s a completely sealed unit it’s waterproof too.

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Fancy a quick brake? La Sportiva’s Ultra Raptor shoes offer a unique way to trail run

For those of us that are lucky enough to live in the countryside and get the chance to trail run, there are a dearth of running shoes that allow maximum grip and comfort. But with the uphill trails also come the downhill, and the chance of injuries from trips and falls.

The Raptor features sophisticated sole technology that allows for a quick stop

That’s where the new shoes from La Sportiva – the Raptor, comes in. Made of thermoplastic urethane tops and sticky rubber outsoles, the shoes have small tooth-like lugs on the bottom of the sole that are intentionally aimed forward to cut into the dirt when you’re trying to slow down, rather than speed up. The company calls the design its “impact brake system,” and it can deliver a tenacious grip.

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Skechers reveal glow-in-the-dark ‘Nite Owl’ running shoes

In probably the least tech-y story this website will ever publish, U.S. footwear manufacturer Skechers  has announced the launch of its much-anticipated glow in the dark Skechers Nite Owl shoes. Available in a limited and exclusive release for both men and women, the Nite Owls luminescent style will provide runners and walkers with the ideal footwear for those dark winter evening (or morning) runs.

The shoes to be seen in this winter?

Charged with exposure to any natural or artificial light source, the shoe will produce an intense glow that can last for several hours, depending on the power and duration of light charge.

The pigments used in Nite Owls’ advanced glow technology are incorporated directly into the raw materials used to produce the footwear, so the photoluminescence won’t peel, fade or rub off with use. It is physically bonded into the product using materials that are designed to endure what dedicated runners will do to them—lasting as long as the shoes themselves.

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Adidas reveals new smartwatch to take on Nike FuelBand SE, launching November 1

Following Nike’s unveiling of the company’s new FuelBand SE yesterday in New York, Adidas has today also decided to show off its take on wearable technology.

The as-yet-unnamed smartwatch was revealed at GigaOm’s Mobilized conference in San Francisco today and will go on sale for the rather pricey sum of $399 (£250) on November 1st.

Adidas’ smartwach will be released on November 1st for $399 (image via CNET)

From what we’ve seen and read, the Adidas smartwatch has several neat features that will set it apart from competitors such as the FuelBand SE. First off, the smartwatch can figure out your heart rate from the pulse in your wrist, and then factor that in with various onboard movement sensors as well as route tracking. The watch will then cook up a custom exercise program with personalised training suggestions, and give prompts for that routine on the colour display.

As well as the GPS and Bluetooth, there’s WiFi and an accelerometer, though no digital compass. The stats the watch collects will synchronize with Adidas’ existing miCoach fitness cloud where there are thousands of pre-configured fitness routines and programs to work through.

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Nike launches second generation FuelBand SE

As reported earlier in the month, Nike has today unwrapped the new version of its FuelBand activity tracker, the FuelBand SE , at an event in New York.

Nike revealed the new edition of the FuelBand in New York today (image via CBS Interactive)

Described by Nike as “the smart, simple, and fun way to get more active”, the new device addresses criticism that its earlier device failed to recognise that some activities use more energy than others.

In a start-studded unveil featuring Olympic gymnast Shaw Johnson, US track and field athlete Ashton Eaton and New York Giants football player Victor Cruz, the FuelBand was given a thorough run-down by Nike representatives as well as members of the press, who took part in an interactive challenge onstage. This was to demonstrate how the upgraded device regulates the energy expended on different kinds of activity, from running to rowing to boxing.

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Aldi launches range of running gear – including trainers for just £14.99

Next time you’re hunting for some cheap German chocolates or slightly suspicious-looking meat, you might be able to pick up some new running kit as well.

The new range will encompass most kit basics

Budget supermarket Aldi has announced that they will stock a new limited edition range of running kit. The new collection goes on sale from today and will include men’s and women’s trainers for just £14.99, a snip of the price of the latest models from other major sports brands.

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Nike discusses switch in development focus towards onshore outsourcers

We’ve reported several times now how Nike is increasingly developing and announcing new technological breakthroughs and products, including fitness apps, wearable technology, and innovative new kit.

The company’s speedy growth had led it to consult offshore outsources for help, like many other major companies. But, as an interview with ComputerWorld reveals, that caused more problems than anticipated.

Nike’s future development is still in full swing

The major issue was that the app developers they’d consulted didn’t really understand the products that Nike was trying to produce.

The idea of wearable technology, having your active life recorded in one place, apparently didn’t make sense to the people doing the work, according to Christopher Davis, engineering director at Nike+ Running, as the developers, “didn’t fit into the Nike culture.”

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Race Report: Royal Parks Half Marathon, 6th October 2013

We ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon last Sunday – and it was such a beautiful race! Here’s our verdict in full…

ROUTE: Taking in three of London’s most iconic royal parks (Hyde Park, Green Park and St. James’ Park) as well as passing by Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament before a quick trip alongside the Embankment, this is one of the most visually stunning races in England. The chance to run along the aforementioned roads, alongside Whitehall and through Admiralty Arch down onto the Mall before passing right by Buckingham Palace is pretty spectacular, and can normally only be partially achieved in the London Marathon.

The route takes in many of London’s most famous sites

But it’s the parks themselves that are the real winner here. Taking place just as the seasons are changing, and just early enough in the morning that it’s not too busy, the race gives you the opportunity to experience Hyde Park in particular at its finest. And when the weather is as good as it was last Sunday, there’s nowhere more appealing in London (except maybe Hampstead Heath) to run.

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