Fancy a quick brake? La Sportiva’s Ultra Raptor shoes offer a unique way to trail run

For those of us that are lucky enough to live in the countryside and get the chance to trail run, there are a dearth of running shoes that allow maximum grip and comfort. But with the uphill trails also come the downhill, and the chance of injuries from trips and falls.

The Raptor features sophisticated sole technology that allows for a quick stop

That’s where the new shoes from La Sportiva – the Raptor, comes in. Made of thermoplastic urethane tops and sticky rubber outsoles, the shoes have small tooth-like lugs on the bottom of the sole that are intentionally aimed forward to cut into the dirt when you’re trying to slow down, rather than speed up. The company calls the design its “impact brake system,” and it can deliver a tenacious grip.

The Raptor’s soles are made of a highly compressed EVA Rock Guard mould, which protects your feet from stone bruises, and also features a FriXion XF rubber outsole to grip on rock and other trail surfaces. There is also deluxe heel pocket cushioning and added reinforcement, all of which ensures a comfortable fit.

Unlike extreme studded runners, the Ultra Raptors can also be worn about town after a run. They are available in two colour schemes – Black/Yellow and Red/Grey, for both men and women, and are out to buy to U.S. customers for $130 – and will be coming to Europe ‘soon’.

[Source: Men’s Journal]


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