Skechers reveal glow-in-the-dark ‘Nite Owl’ running shoes

In probably the least tech-y story this website will ever publish, U.S. footwear manufacturer Skechers  has announced the launch of its much-anticipated glow in the dark Skechers Nite Owl shoes. Available in a limited and exclusive release for both men and women, the Nite Owls luminescent style will provide runners and walkers with the ideal footwear for those dark winter evening (or morning) runs.

The shoes to be seen in this winter?

Charged with exposure to any natural or artificial light source, the shoe will produce an intense glow that can last for several hours, depending on the power and duration of light charge.

The pigments used in Nite Owls’ advanced glow technology are incorporated directly into the raw materials used to produce the footwear, so the photoluminescence won’t peel, fade or rub off with use. It is physically bonded into the product using materials that are designed to endure what dedicated runners will do to them—lasting as long as the shoes themselves.

The shoes feature Skechers existing lightweight and durable Resalyte Midsole technology and breathable 4-way stretch mesh for comfort and toe splay, as seen in its GOrun shoes. They will be available in a signature ‘aqua’ colour, which Skechers Performance Division Vice President of Merchandising/Marketing Rick Higgins said, “It’s not a typical colour people expect to see glowing and blue also happens to be our corporate colour, so it made sense for the initial debut.”

The Nite Owls are available in limited release in selected U.S. Skechers stores and online for around $50-100 in a truly hideous range of colours. There are no details on a U.K. release yet, but we’ll keep our ears to the ground.


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