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Eat like a Kenyan, run like a Kenyan?

The team over at examine what the diets of elite runners can tell us about their talents and if we can take any lessons from this.

Beating the Blisters

Fitmodo talk you through how best to avoid those annoying blisters (if only they’d taught Ringo before he did “Helter Skelter”…)

Running for charity – worth the money?

The Guardian investigates the real reason people run for charity – and also promotes the idea of self-worth and achievement too!


US TV network apologises to Mo Farah after anchor takes him for an amateur

Yes, it’s the clip sweeping the internet at the moment – the embarrassing moment when a US TV anchor fails to realise she’s interviewing a two-time Olympic gold medalist.

After setting a course record of one hour 59 seconds and holding off Ethiopian Gebre Gebremariam in a sprint finish, Mo was interviewed by WSDU presenter LaTonya Norton, who asked him, “Haven’t you run before?” and “This isn’t your first time?”

Mo who? Clueless anchor LaTonya Norton (image courtesy of Eurosport)

All credit to his Mo-ness, he took it in his stride, powering through like a true professional, when surely many other sports stars would have taken offence at such a snub. He even went on Twitter today to ask fans to lay off Norton, saying that, “She made a mistake like we all do! She didn’t mean anything by it”.

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Lust List – Adidas Boost

So, so pretty…

Announced just over two weeks ago in New York, the Adidas’ new family of shoes is promising to revolutionize the way you run – and the speed at which you do it.

Called Adidas Boost, the new range of shoes will be made of a new material that delivers greater energy response, made up of dozens of mini capsules that will increase the ‘bounce’ produced when your foot strikes the ground. Adidas’ rather odd promo video shows this material bouncing a metal ball higher and for longer than that of a competitor and the floor.

The technology works by absorbing the energy and then pushing back to return it, helping to propel you forward, as the shoes material delivers a much greater energy response per stride. Adidas believe that the shoes will deliver a performance boost of around 10 seconds per km if ran at a 5min/km pace, a bold claim which we look forward to trying out. Adidas had running titan Haile Gebrselassie speaking at the launch, who said that he believes over a 26 mile run, trained athletes could see anywhere up to 40 seconds’ improvement.

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Qualcomm launches Wireless Walking Challenge with American Heart Association

Qualcomm has announced that its Qualcomm Life division is kicking off a Wireless Walking Challenge in collaboration with the American Heart Association (AHA) at Mobile World Congress 2013 this week in Barcelona.

Qualcomm Life and the American Heart Association are working together to launch the Wireless Walking Challenge to encourage people to increase their physical activity in order to ultimately improve their heart health and attendees of Mobile World Congress have the first opportunity to compete in this global challenge.

To participate, attendees can download their choice of an mHealth app, including MapMyFitness, Noom or RunKeeper, or leverage a pre-owned activity monitoring device, including Body Media, or Fitbit, to track their steps throughout the conference. The mHealth apps and devices are connected to the Wireless Walking Challenge app via the 2net Connect APIs so participants’ steps are automatically updated and reflected in the app leaderboard.

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