CycleNav joins forces with your smartphone to give you the best cycling routes

GPS devices are exceedingly popular for runners and hikers, as their pastimes often lead them off the beaten track. But so far, there has been a lack of dedicated options for cyclists, short of fastening a GPS unit or smartphone to the handlebars. Shown off at CES last week, the CycleNav from Schwinn looks to address this balance.

The CycleNav clips onto your handlebars to show you the way

On sale for $60, the device clips onto your handlebars and communicates with your smartphone via the free accompanying iOS or Android app and Bluetooth. Simply type in your destination, check your route, and the CycleNav will show you the way.

Schwinn claims that the CycleNav is the first navigation device that, when connected, provides audio commands and visual light indicators to get you to your destination. With the device on your handlebars, you have your hands are free to steer while CycleNav speaks directions and flashes turn indicators, making your journey safer and easier than ever before.The device also will repeat the last instruction, so you shouldn’t miss anything crucial.

At the end of your trip, the CycleNav application records statistics from your journey, including distance, duration and calories burned, giving you a complete snapshot of your ride. Share your ride stats with friends through social networking integration. Challenge other riders with MapMyRide through uploading your ride history. It will even doubles as an extra headlight for you.

The navigator will be available at Walmart stores in the U.S. on March 1st, but alternatively you can get the CycleNav online starting January 15th.

[Via Engadget]


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