Atlas, the ‘Ultimate Fitness Tracker’, is primed for release

Smartwatches have becoming increasingly popular in the last few months, as many companies, both large and small, set out to catch a piece of the wearable technology sector.

One of the latest is from Atlas Wearables, whose eponymous device has just passed its Indiegogo target of $125,000 and will be shipping to customers soon.

Atlas is able to detect a wide variety of exercises to track your activity

Labelled ‘the ultimate fitness tracker’ by the company, Atlas looks to go beyond simply measuring your steps to measuring your success. Atlas logs your workout with almost zero user action, with the device tracking and identifying different activities, evaluates your form, counts your reps, calculates the calories you burned, and keeps track of your heart rate so you can see how each movement affects your body.

These activities are then plotted onto x-, y- and z-axes on a 3D display, allowing you to measure and track your progress easily.  The company believes the device is so accurate that it can tell the difference between such exercises as bicep curls and alternating bicep curls and squats versus dead lifts.

The devices should be available in a few months

It’s preloaded with the most popular exercises and can learn new exercises you teach it so you can instantly see your progress, analyse your form, anticipate plateaus and find what makes you stronger, faster.

Atlas is compatible with many top fitness apps, including MapMyFitness and Fitocracy, meaning that when you leave the gym, all of your hard-earned workout data gets synced with whichever app you have. There is also scope for further development too, as Atlas is also built on an open API so users can create new and innovative applications to use with the wristband.

If you’re lucky enough to have pre-ordered one of the devices, you should have one soon. For those who haven’t, check out the Atlas Indiegogo page – the devices start at $159.


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