Continental partnership with Adidas stops you from getting tyre-d….(sorry)

Tire manufacturer Continental has shed some light on an often-ignored facet of their business this week, revealing some in-depth details of the company’s partnership with Adidas.

Shoes such as the Adidas’ Adiprene Formotion were developed in association with Continential

The wonderfully-named Tire Review reports that, in addition to manufacturing commercial, consumer and off-road tires, the German manufacturer has supplied rubber compounds to Adidas for the past few years. These compounds are used to produce non-slip soles for more than 30 models of men and women’s running and trekking shoes, and provide “noticeably improved” grip on wet and dry surfaces.

More grip means better contact with the running surface, improved traction, and thus faster times, Continental said. “We are delighted that the Adidas running shoes with our rubber compound technology developed in Hanover are helping many professional athletes to achieve new personal best times and break course records,” stated David O’Donnell, head of R&D for passenger car and light truck tires at Continental.

“This shows the potential long-term benefits of looking beyond your immediate industry for new technology and solutions. During the development of our premium products, which stand out primarily due to exceptionally good grip in the wet, we even looked at gripping mechanisms from the animal kingdom – cats and polar bears in particular – and also focused on the production of rubber from dandelion plants.”

The partnership has also been seen in Continental’s recent promotional work around Fast and the Furious 6, which offers a $1000 Adidas voucher as part of the competition.

[Via Tire Review]


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