Sensoria Fitness Tracker ushers in a whole new era…the era of smart socks

Yes, you read that right – smart socks. Perhaps inspired by the growing presence of wearable monitoring products on the moment right now, Sensoria have spotted a gap in the market and introduced the Sensoria Smart Sock Fitness Tracker.

It involves a smart, washable sock (available in four colours  – black, white, pink and light blue, so you can match your outfit and the colour of your shoes), plus an anklet that magnetically snaps on the cuff of the sock, and then it all comes together with a mobile app for iPhone or Android that monitors and guides you with audio cues. And if you prefer to run without a phone you can still access your data from home thanks to the app’s dashboard.

Just clip and run…the Smart Sock is available in four colours

Going beyond the typical data you get from fitness trackers like how far and how fast you’re going, the Sensoria actually tells you how well you’re exercising, which then allows it to recommend specific workouts based on your abilities and your goals.

Smart fabric sensors send pressure data to the Sensoria Anklet which uploads data wirelessly either via your computer or through your smartphone when you are out and about. The simplified Gait analysis data is then added to your dashboard for either retrospective analysis or instant coaching.

The tracker app is available for both iOS and Android users

The combination of accelerometer technology with Sensoria’s proprietary textile sensors, appropriately positioned under your foot, is leading the company to advertise it as “the most accurate fitness tracker” around.

Currently seeking funding via its Indiegogo page, the Smart Sock has already attracted $60,000 from investors – looking towards a target of $87,000 in a month’s time – so go check it out!

[Via Cool Mom Tech]


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