Nike introduces Nike+ Challenges to let out your inner Rocky

Nike has this week released a new update to its Nike+ Running app for iOS. Dubbed Nike+ Challenges, The app update, version 4.3, introduces social challenges into the mix, enabling runners to invite their fellow Nike+ enabled friends to run and compete in an old-fashioned race.

Challenges also lets runners communicate with each other mid-race via group chats. This is a great way for racing runners to trash talk a little or alternatively deliver some words of encouragement and inspiration.

Challenge your friends and race to the top of the leaderboard

To start a challenge, simply set a distance, a duration and invite your friends. Each time you triumph, you’ll earn a medal, which can then, like Nike+ Fuel, be logged on the app.

Naturally, the feature monitors everyone’s progress and encourages friendly competition through leaderboards and medals. Users can put together one-off races or see who can hit 100 miles the quickest.

The update is out to download now – so get racing with your friends!

[Via Engadget]


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