Baffled by unnecessary jargon? launches online guide to help…

Don’t be like this guy – let’s jargon glossary ease the confusion

When picking a new pair of running shoes, comfort is no doubt key. However, so much goes into making a shoe feel like it’s a physical part of the runner who wears it. A plethora of elements and technologies work together to deliver a supreme ride, which in turn fuels a runner’s passion for the sport.

With this in mind, U.S.-based outlet has developed an all-inclusive glossary of key running shoe terms and technologies to help customers better understand this important foundation.

The glossary’s aim is to clarify and define terminology not part of the everyday vernacular. The list includes terms ranging from basic shoe parts to proprietary materials. Not sure what a medial posting is or which runner it is optimal for? There is an entry to take away the guesswork. Curious how Brooks’ DNA technology differs from Mizuno’s Wave Plate? The glossary spells it out for you.

Armed with this knowledge, runners can more easily wade through technical lingo and jargon. The glossary also illuminates differences between brand-specific technologies. In this way, runners are better equipped to choose the best styles for their running needs. When customers finally slip on a new pair of shoes, they will know exactly what they’re getting, no surprises.

You can check out the glossary here – and for any further suggestions, you can comment on the glossary page or leave feedback on’s Facebook page.


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