Get ready for a new generation of apps: Nike+ Move to be first motion app for iPhone 5S

Apple showed off the new incarnation of the Nike+ Move app at its launch event last night (image courtesy of

Following Apple’s reveal of its new smartphones and operating system last night, it seems that companies have already been hard at work ensuring their apps conform.

The companies new phones will include an M7 processor, capable of enabling the handset to gather data from its accelerometer, gyroscope and compass, meaning that work is taken off the main A7 processor in order to manage power more efficiently.

This means that developers will have the ability to tap into the M7’s functionality, thanks to a set of CoreMotion APIs.

Apple says the new developer tools will lead to, “better fitness and activity apps that go well beyond what other mobile devices offer”. The M7 processor measures user motion data, even while the device is asleep, and saves battery life for pedometer or other fitness apps that use the accelerometer throughout the day.

Accompanying the M7 processor and its new set of APIs on stage at the Apple event to illustrate these capabilities was the reveal of the Nike+ Move app. Nike and Apple say it will be available on the App Store in the near future, offering a FuelBand-like experience right from the phone.

Nike was quick to say it will serve as “introductory experiences,”, as the Nike+ Move app will track your daily activity and integrate it into Game Center – meaning you can compete with friends.

Unfortunately neither Apple nor Nike went into significant detail, with the full comment for the Tick Gods reading thusly:

“The Nike+ Move App is an introductory experience of NikeFuel wherever you carry the new iPhone 5S. It calculates how active you are and uses NikeFuel to motivate you and your friends to move more. The Nike+ ecosystem – led by Nike+ Running, Nike+ FuelBand and the Nike+ FuelBand App – includes features and functionality far beyond what the introductory Nike+ Move App delivers.”

[Via Pocket-Lint]


2 thoughts on “Get ready for a new generation of apps: Nike+ Move to be first motion app for iPhone 5S

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