Microsoft announces Xbox One fitness app

The Xbox Fitness app will be available for all users signing up for Xbox Live Gold Membership

Microsoft has announced Xbox Fitness, a fitness app for the Xbox One that will use the console’s Kinect functionality to monitor the player’s progress.

According to Xbox Wire, the app, which will be included with Xbox Live Gold Membership, is a selection of interactive fitness videos from fitness brands Beachboy’s P90X and INSANITY. The videos also star some of the brands’ more well-known trainers such as Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson and Tony Horton.

Xbox Fitness will work much the same way as many of the other fitness games released on this generation of consoles, with players using Kinect to interact with the game to copy the activities of the trainers in the videos.

Kinect will also monitor the player’s heart rate and the engagement of their muscle groups in order to gauge their performance. Given the improved latency of the Xbox One Kinect module, as well as its improved monitoring of the player’s engagement, its possible Xbox Fitness may not be as infuriating as some of the fitness games on the current gen.

Xbox Fitness will be available for free to all Xbox One owners who purchase an Xbox Live Gold Membership and the app will be available until December 2014.



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