Fitbit’s new fitness and sleep tracking band will let you always be in control of the Force

The Fitbit Force offers a variety of improvements over its predecessor, the Flex

Tracking tech manufacturer Fitbit has delighted all Star Wars/fitness nerds by revealing it will soon be launching the Force, it the form of its new fitness band of the same name.

The new device will be positioned above the company’s current fitness band, the Flex, boasting several new features that were omitted from the Flex, but are present in Fitbit’s popular One tracker clip.

One such feature is an altimeter that calculates your current altitude and the number of steps you have climbed over a 24-hour period. It’ll use this information to give you more detailed statistics on your fitness regime through the addition of a “Floors” statistic that tells you how many flights of stairs you’ve traversed each day.

The second major update is that the Force will offer a digital watch face, effectively turning it into a fitness-focused smartwatch. This feature will give it an edge over some of its wearable rivals such as the Jawbone Up and the recently-released Samsung Galaxy Gear.

But there is also another welcome addition in the form of a physical button, which will presumably be used to cycle through settings and functions, as the Flex requires users to tap the device to enable functions. The Force also appears to have a much-improved display over the Flex, and it’s also partially water-resistant.

It’ll be available in both black and blue-ish “slate” colour schemes, and will come in small and large sizes. There’s no news on a UK release as yet, but the company has a well-established and comprehensive UK website, so it should arrive on our shores sometime in the future.

For now, unverified sources suggest the Force will be priced at $129.95, $30 more than the Flex.

[Via The Verge and Engadget]



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