Fuel My Run app helps you stay fully-charged

There are a wealth of fitness apps available for smartphone users now, but so far none has focused on the challenge of ensuring that you stay energised throughout your exercise. However, that issue could well now be solved by new app Fuel My Run.

Nutrition is a crucial aspect for long-distance runners, and with prospective marathon runners getting stuck into their training across the winter period, fuelling needs are paramount in order to get results.

Fuel My Run is aiming to make fuelling up easier, providing distance calculation, fuelling reminders, carbohydrate consumption data, and plans for keeping nutrients in check during long workouts.

Users can input the different types of fuel they will use to simulate a race environment

Based on creator Mark Kennedy’s personal marathoning experience, Fuel My Run provides a fresh new take on a challenging and complex element of endurance sports: keeping carbohydrate levels up during long, difficult workouts. After hitting the wall at the 30km mark, Kennedy realized that he had overlooked his personal fuelling strategy-a common oversight for even the most experienced runner.

“More often than not, its lack of adequate fuelling that causes a runner to hit the wall. All the training in the world will not help a runner in those last few kilometres of a race unless they have taken their fuelling seriously. Fuel My Run is the tool I wish I had while training for my second marathon,” Kennedy says.

Users map the routes they want and input the type of fuel they will be using e.g. an energy drink at 10km, a gel at 20km, etc. The app offers a pre-existing lists of fuels that are currently available on the market, with more to come in the future. You can therefore look to simulate an upcoming race, fitting in where water or fuel stops are on the route.

The app has been designed to prevent runners from hitting the dreaded ‘wall’ in a race

Fuel My Run even syncs with existing fitness titan Runkeeper, and provides targeted feedback and data throughout a runner’s workout plan. Stats can be kept for long and short training runs, races, and workouts of any distance. Additionally, the app’s clean interface and seamless integration makes it a complement to any runner’s GPS tracker of choice-allowing athletes to keep their training consistent even when it comes to their preferred software.

Fuel my run is available for $1.99 on the App Store now, with an Android version hopefully in the pipeline soon.

[Via The Next Web]


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