Focus TRAINR app looks to turn your smartwatch into a virtual personal trainer

Focus, a newly formed creative start-up, has announced the release of TRAINR, its new app that is aiming to put the power of a personal trainer onto your wrist.

Available now for the Samsung Galaxy Gear and other compatible smartphones, TRAINR is the first fitness app that provides custom training programs while automatically identifying exercises, tracking repetitions, sets and rest periods.

The app works with your wearable device to devise appropriate workouts

With TRAINR, the combination of a wearable device and smartphone evolves into a powerful fitness-training tool, accessible anytime and anywhere, explaining how to train to achieve goals.

While most fitness monitoring devices track only cardiovascular exercise (such as steps and stairs), TRAINR targets users practicing resistance and body weight training by providing top-trainer designed workouts tailored to them.

TRAINR’s proprietary software and algorithms, when coupled with the motion sensors of a wrist-worn smart device, are able to automatically identify, track and record the user’s exact movements as they exercise-recording repetitions, sets and rest periods. The app can then provide feedback to users in real time and provide targeted workouts developed by professional trainers.

“TRAINR is leading fitness software innovation for quantified-self wearables in an ecosystem on the cusp of explosive growth,” said Cavan Canavan, CEO and co-founder. “(It) unlocks the potential of a fitness monitoring device to serve as a personal trainer by providing guided workouts whether users are at home or on the go. No other product on the market does what TRAINR can and we’re proud to be able to enrich the experience users have with their wearables, starting with the Galaxy Gear.”

TRAINR is launching first for the Galaxy Gear as a trial download in the Samsung Apps store with planned future versions for other wearables in the market. The launch version is free while premium-version subscription details and pricing are to be announced. TRAINR is compatible with Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3, as well as Galaxy S3 and S4 running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

[Via Angel List]


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