‘Mother’ fitness tracker is the slightly creepy way to get the family exercising

If your family is falling behind on its fitness, and you need something slightly more motivational than threats or rewards (we can work with either), then the new ‘Mother’ fitness tracker from French company Sen.se may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Looking like a cross between an Uncanny Valley snowman and a Russian nesting doll, Mother is a new motion-sensing gadget which takes the concept of a personal fitness tracker (or smart pedometer) and expands it to measure various aspects of your family.

Mother tracks various activities via the colour-coded ‘cookies’

Mother comes with four trackers, or “cookies”, which can either act as a fitness tracker, if you tuck one into your pocket, or alternatively you can set it to tell you about other family matters, such as what time your kids got back from school.

The Mother acts as a kind of base for the cookies, although the cookies can communicate with one another, too. You choose an action for one or more of the cookies, such as alerting a parent via email when a child carrying the cookie arrives home and is within range of the Mother. Another use is to drop a cookie into a large bottle of water and let it measure how much you drink in a day and perhaps even call your phone to remind you to hydrate again if it’s been a while since your last gulp.

You can add up to 24 cookies, though only four are included with the initial purchase. Each cookie has an internal button cell battery that lasts up to 15 months, so you don’t have to recharge the cookies frequently either.

At launch, Mother’s price is set at $222 (£135), which includes four cookies that come with 15 possible uses, which the user can set from a dashboard. Mother is already on sale in France, but is available for pre-order in the UK, and will ship sometime in the spring.

[Via IT Pro Portal]


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