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Re-reviewed – the Metro casts its vote on Adidas Boost

In the same Metro article as mentioned below, the Metro also has a short review of Adidas’ new running shoe line, the Boost (which you may remember us drooling over on its New York release a few weeks back).

There’s no doubt that these shoes are a beautiful piece of kit, and will definitely draw admiring and envious glances if you’re out running around the city or a popular park. They keep the classic Adidas “3 stripes” design which has been so so timeless for the brand, and then tops it off with its new foam technology on the sole.

Writing for the Metro, Vicki-Marie Cossar, herself an experienced runner and reviewer, seems impressed, praising the stability of the shoes, whilst also remarking on their flexibility. She takes them for a two-hour spin around a recently-snowed in New York and Central Park, and finds the whole running experience pretty positive, especially on hills, where she says that, “there’s no denying I feel more energised while running”.

Overall, Cossar’s glowing views back up our own fanboy raving, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them. Cossar states that, “I’m not a fast runner, and I’ve never done a marathon, but I manage a two-hour run around the city. I don’t feel tired and could easily continue. I had none of the usual aches and pains in my legs afterwards, which could be down to the good cushioning of the trainers. I’ll definitely wear them on future runs and am hopeful they might help me achieve my first half-marathon distance.”

Encouraging signs for us all!

Around the web: the weekend’s recommended reading

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Happy weekend!

Around the web: today’s recommended reading

Bringing you the best in news and advice from around the net…

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Beating the Blisters

Fitmodo talk you through how best to avoid those annoying blisters (if only they’d taught Ringo before he did “Helter Skelter”…)

Running for charity – worth the money?

The Guardian investigates the real reason people run for charity – and also promotes the idea of self-worth and achievement too!