Around the web – this weekend’s recommended reading

Well the weather outside is frightful – with many races and meets being cancelled this weekend due to the snow and freezing temperatures. TR recommends staying in and keeping warm with these articles which will hopefully have you raring to go when the conditions improve!

High-tech marathon training kit – With just over a month to go before the London Marathon, entrants should be reading a peak of their training before the taper begins. MSN Tech offers some of the best technology gadgets and gizmos, from watches to headphones, to help the final stretch – our favourite is the FitBit One, which syncs with your smartphone or PC to act as a personal fitness assistant. (MSN Technology)

How to discover your true running potential – On a similar vein, the Guardian’s running blog offers this advice on how to discover your real running potential at the Asics Running Labs facility at the company’s flagship Oxford Street store. The project offers four methods of analysis; Physique (Leg alignment, foot shape, and body composition), Strength (Leg strength measurement), Form (Running form analysis) and Endurance (Aerobic endurance measurement) and a full explanation of where you can improve. (Guardian)

Top 10 tips for the London Marathon (or any marathon after that) – And in a further blast of London Marathon preview, the Metro offers up its top 10 tips for first-time and experienced runners from Lucozade Sport scientist Chris McManus, including advice on last-minute training, routine, and diet before the big day. (Metro)

Jogging Archbishop surprises media – And finally, proof that running really is the best kind of exercise, Justin Welby, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, surprised reporters and camera crews setting up to await his annunciation by jogging past them in, “a yellow lycra top and black leggings” at 6.30am this week. (Belfast Telegraph)


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