Fed up with the snow? Zone Dome will transport you away to run in the sun

If all the snow and cold recently have been making you feel unmotivated, then Running Unlimited have just the piece of escapist kit for you.

Kind of like a mini wrap-around cinema for runners, the Zone Dome features a 1.5 metre wide dish-shaped screen, which you can clip onto a treadmill and transport yourself to wherever in the world you wish. The dish hooks up to an app on your iPad, allowing you to choose your location, distance, and speed.

At the moment, the choices are limited to glamorous destinations such as Monument Valley in Colorado, the foothills of the Himalayas and the Joshua Tree Park in California (all of course wonderfully sunny). This isn’t a bad list however, and more locations are set to be added in future, although we’re disappointed our classic Hampstead Heath route is yet to be considered.

Although it looks rather disorientating, we’re sure that once you get going, it’s an interesting prospect to run somewhere else in the world that you’ve never visited before. We here at TR aren’t big fans of running in the gym, as there’s only so long you can spend staring silently at a tv screen or even worse, a wall, before your brain shuts down, but this may convince us.

We can’t wait to see it in action at a gym near us soon, as at £3940 plus VAT we can’t see a review copy coming over soon – or pop down to the Jubilee Hall gym in Covent Garden to check it out first hand.

[Via GQ.com]


One thought on “Fed up with the snow? Zone Dome will transport you away to run in the sun

  1. […] the case of the London Marathon, you can strap your iOS device to a running machine (similar to the Zone Dome we featured recently) and try to match the pace and running experience of the video as it was originally recorded along […]

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