Mountain Hardwear launches Way2Cool running apparel line

The Way2Cool range was tested in the baking heat of the Grand Canyon

Californian sportswear company Mountain Hardwear has launched a range of running specific tops featuring fabric technology that uses the wearers’ sweat to activate in-built cooling agents.

Tested with elite athletes in the searing 40 degree heat of the Grand Canyon in the Rim2Rim2Rim challenge, the ‘Way2Cool’ range is made of the world’s first fabric technology that uses wearers’ sweat to activate in-built cooling agents.

The fabric, called ‘Cool.Q.Zero’ works due to hundreds of tiny rings embedded in the fabric, using materials from industrial water filtration processes, to ensure excess moisture is ‘sucked’ away from the body.

The rings, which contain a cooling agent, react to sweat and moisture causing them to suck and swell to create an instant and prolonged cooling effect on the skin.

The company claims that running tops with Cool.Q ZERO technology are the ‘world’s most advanced’, and that the clothing range is the industry’s ‘first active-cooling technology designed to actually lower the overall temperature of the fabric when you sweat.’

‘Hot weather and heat are incredibly challenging conditions for anyone participating in outdoor activities, especially runners and aerobic athletes,’ said Topher Gaylord, president of Mountain Hardwear.

‘Cool.Q ZERO changes that by enabling athletes to run more comfortably in hot conditions.

‘It’s a no-sweat solution for even the most extreme temperatures.’

The range comprises running tops, bandanas and sleeves, which are available from a variety of specialist shops in the UK.

Prices start at £20.

[Via Runner’s World]


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