Fitnotix Running App is with you every step of the way with GPS turn-by-turn directions

Fitnotix’s app allows turn-by-turn directions for your routes

Fitnotix has today announced the availability of its eponymous running app for iPhone users.

Now running apps are ten a penny, but Fitnotix stands out from the crowd by providing turn-by-turn directions through a user’s headphones, meaning (in theory) you should never get lost!

Asides from the usual functions that other running apps contain, such as tracking calories, the ability to share completed runs on social media and keep a running total of all stats, it also offers some neat other tricks.

Users can now plan their course using pinpoints, choose a starting point, and then choose every road or path they want to run on. They’ll also have the ability to get real time distance as they plan their course.

Fitnotix users can run a planned course, someone else’s planned course, or just start running. When running a planned course, users will receive GPS turn-by-turn directions.

Guessing whether you are on pace or not? Not anymore; Fitnotix Run will track the users average pace and let them know during their run whether they are on, behind, or ahead of pace right through their headphones.

Lastly, Fitnotix Run will allow users to play any music apps in the background, and will even temporarily reduce the volume of your music to give direction or pace updates.

Fitnotix 1.2 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category.


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