Newest update to MY ASICS brings personalised training plans to your phone

The new version of MY ASICS allows much more targeted goal setting for your workouts

Asics has announced that version 2.0 of its MY ASICS app is now available to download.

Supplementing the shoe manufacturer’s online web service, the app lets you sign up for and manage your training plan entirely from your phone. Whether you’re aiming for a full marathon, 10k, or just a gradual improvement in fitness, Asics’ promise isn’t just a personalised training plan; it’s that the app can find the optimal length and distance for your workouts based on your current ability, constantly tweaking parameters to find the best fit.

“This whole quantified self-movement only tells you where you are, not where you’re going,” says Asics project lead Alex Mrvaljevich. Unlike its best known competitors, starting a new plan in My Asics begins with you filling in your best race time and target.

It then comes back with an optimised personal training program (never more than four runs a week) along with your forecasted speed at the end of the training.

My Asics also constantly adapts to your performance, pushing you harder if you improve faster than it expected. For example, if you complete two runs faster than the projected pace, you’ll be asked if you want to increase the intensity of your workouts, or vice versa. That doesn’t mean you can just go out and crush your slow days and expect to get bumped up, though — only your real workout days count.

“The whole program is designed to increase your anaerobic threshold,” continued Mrvaljevich, and with 15 years of work already invested in these adaptive training principles, Asics is confident that it can make every user run faster, pointing to over 500,000 runs logged and a 91 per cent success rate among marathoners.

Offering a simple interface and stats-based approach to training My Asics is free to download, and available now for Android and iOS.

[Via The Verge]


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