Upcoming review – Adidas Boost

So you may have noticed that the site has been a bit quiet recently – and for a good reason…

After all the longing and hoping, we’ve been sent a pair of Adidas Boost, the first shoes to make it onto the Lust List, to review.

First impressions are excellent – the shoes are light as a feather and very stylish. When on, they are very comfortable to walk and run in, and having given them an initial run out in a 10 mile road and 5 mile mixed terrain run, we have to say that we are super impressed.

We’ll be working on finalising the review this weekend and next week, hopefully culminating in a successful race review, as Mike will be wearing them for the Royal Parks Half Marathon on October 6th!

So stay tuned for more on these beauties…

Full review of the Adidas Boost will be coming soon...

Full review of the Adidas Boost will be coming soon…


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