Latest Fitbit update turns your iPhone 5S into a fitness tracker

The Fitbit iPhone app received a notable update today that brings basic tracking features directly to the iPhone 5S without the need of one of Fitbit’s tracking watches.

Version 2.1 of the app introduces the new “MobileTrack” feature, which takes advantage of Apple’s new M7 motion co-processor, provides some of FitBit’s basic activity tracking features right on the device.

The app will track usage data from your iPhone 5S for analysis

This means, however, that the update is only available to iPhone 5S users. They will also be able to try basic features of the app before choosing whether to invest in  Fitbit’s hardware.

The app has also welcomed a number of other new features, including redesigned silent alarms, the ability to a set a custom water goal, and a revamped profile editor, tracker settings, and sign-up screen.

[Via The Verge]


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