Adidas announces partnership with first ever Moscow Marathon

The route of the first-ever Moscow Marathon will take in many of the city’s famous sights

Adidas has announced a partnership with the first-ever Moscow marathon, due to be run around the city on September 14th.

The city has had a half-marathon before, but this is the first time that a full marathon will be run on the streets of the city.

The marathon route will follow the city’s quays, main streets, including the Sadovoe and Bulvarnoe Rings. The race will start from the “Luzhniki” sports complex built for the 1980 Olympic Games. The final meters will be at the Olympic Stadium, the “Luzhniki” Grand Sports Arena.

This latter part of the route will be unique for the 2013 race, as after the event, the Olympic Stadium will be rebuilt, meaning the Moscow Marathon will be the last major sporting event to take place on its site.

For full details, visit the official site here.



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