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Nike introduces Nike+ Challenges to let out your inner Rocky

Nike has this week released a new update to its Nike+ Running app for iOS. Dubbed Nike+ Challenges, The app update, version 4.3, introduces social challenges into the mix, enabling runners to invite their fellow Nike+ enabled friends to run and compete in an old-fashioned race.

Challenges also lets runners communicate with each other mid-race via group chats. This is a great way for racing runners to trash talk a little or alternatively deliver some words of encouragement and inspiration.

Challenge your friends and race to the top of the leaderboard

To start a challenge, simply set a distance, a duration and invite your friends. Each time you triumph, you’ll earn a medal, which can then, like Nike+ Fuel, be logged on the app.

Naturally, the feature monitors everyone’s progress and encourages friendly competition through leaderboards and medals. Users can put together one-off races or see who can hit 100 miles the quickest.

The update is out to download now – so get racing with your friends!

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Sensoria Fitness Tracker ushers in a whole new era…the era of smart socks

Yes, you read that right – smart socks. Perhaps inspired by the growing presence of wearable monitoring products on the moment right now, Sensoria have spotted a gap in the market and introduced the Sensoria Smart Sock Fitness Tracker.

It involves a smart, washable sock (available in four colours  – black, white, pink and light blue, so you can match your outfit and the colour of your shoes), plus an anklet that magnetically snaps on the cuff of the sock, and then it all comes together with a mobile app for iPhone or Android that monitors and guides you with audio cues. And if you prefer to run without a phone you can still access your data from home thanks to the app’s dashboard.

Just clip and run…the Smart Sock is available in four colours

Going beyond the typical data you get from fitness trackers like how far and how fast you’re going, the Sensoria actually tells you how well you’re exercising, which then allows it to recommend specific workouts based on your abilities and your goals.

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Running out of steam? Barefoot shoes sales plummet in Q1 2013

Out of touch? Sales of shoes such as the Vibram Five Fingers fell for the first time this quarter

The latest data from industry watcher SportsOneSource has shown that sales of minimalist or ‘barefoot’ running shoes, such as the Vibram Five Fingers, has dropped by more than 10% in the first quarter of 2013.

A company spokesperson stated that, “minimalist/barefoot declined in the low teens and represented only about 4% of total running…It appears this fad is pretty much over”.

The figures, contained in the company’s quarterly report, are in contrast to many of SportsOneSource’s quarterly reports in the last few years, where the minimalist category had some of the highest growth, while sales in other footwear categories such as motion control and stability stagnated or fell.

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Qualcomm launches Wireless Walking Challenge with American Heart Association

Qualcomm has announced that its Qualcomm Life division is kicking off a Wireless Walking Challenge in collaboration with the American Heart Association (AHA) at Mobile World Congress 2013 this week in Barcelona.

Qualcomm Life and the American Heart Association are working together to launch the Wireless Walking Challenge to encourage people to increase their physical activity in order to ultimately improve their heart health and attendees of Mobile World Congress have the first opportunity to compete in this global challenge.

To participate, attendees can download their choice of an mHealth app, including MapMyFitness, Noom or RunKeeper, or leverage a pre-owned activity monitoring device, including Body Media, or Fitbit, to track their steps throughout the conference. The mHealth apps and devices are connected to the Wireless Walking Challenge app via the 2net Connect APIs so participants’ steps are automatically updated and reflected in the app leaderboard.

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