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Upcoming review – Adidas Boost

So you may have noticed that the site has been a bit quiet recently – and for a good reason…

After all the longing and hoping, we’ve been sent a pair of Adidas Boost, the first shoes to make it onto the Lust List, to review.

First impressions are excellent – the shoes are light as a feather and very stylish. When on, they are very comfortable to walk and run in, and having given them an initial run out in a 10 mile road and 5 mile mixed terrain run, we have to say that we are super impressed.

We’ll be working on finalising the review this weekend and next week, hopefully culminating in a successful race review, as Mike will be wearing them for the Royal Parks Half Marathon on October 6th!

So stay tuned for more on these beauties…

Full review of the Adidas Boost will be coming soon...

Full review of the Adidas Boost will be coming soon…

New device helps weekend runners avoid injury

Members of a research team led by athletic performance professor Hsiang Tzyy-yuang, centre, hold running shoes fitted with an injury-prevention device at National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei. (Photo: CNA)

A team of sports researchers from National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) have developed a brand new device designed to help infrequent joggers avoid injuries by detecting and transmitting signs of fatigue from the body to mobile communication devices.

The university team, led by Department of Athletic Performance professor Hsiang Tzyy-yuang found that the physical activity level of low-impact running can be estimated from the acceleration of the wrists, while the acceleration of ankles can be used to gauge the physical activity level of high-impact running.

The fatigue produced by excessive exercise causes the runner’s posture to change, which is the main cause of sports injuries, he said.

Hsiang said the device combines the use of an accelerometer and a gyroscope with Bluetooth technology. The accelerometer is used to determine the impact of body movements and changes in speed, whereas the gyroscope is used to determine the types of movements made by the user by detecting the speed of foot rotation.

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Mo Farah and Nike working together to design personalised shoes

Could personalised shoes bring Mo Farah marathon glory soon?

Following his runner-up performance at the weekend’s Great North Run and ahead of a crack at next April’s London Marathon, Nike is giving a team of top designers the task of delivering Mo Farah with the company’s best ever running shoe.

During a pre-world championships training stint in St. Moritz, Switzerland, a group of Nike employees watched Farah train as part of what Farah’s coach, Alberto Salazar, called, “the information-gathering stage.”

“This is a million-dollar project, once the expenses of travel, testing, research and design are accounted for”, said Farah’s coach, adding that there were close to 25 people at the first meeting about the shoe that both he and Farah attended.

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Baffled by unnecessary jargon? launches online guide to help…

Don’t be like this guy – let’s jargon glossary ease the confusion

When picking a new pair of running shoes, comfort is no doubt key. However, so much goes into making a shoe feel like it’s a physical part of the runner who wears it. A plethora of elements and technologies work together to deliver a supreme ride, which in turn fuels a runner’s passion for the sport.

With this in mind, U.S.-based outlet has developed an all-inclusive glossary of key running shoe terms and technologies to help customers better understand this important foundation.

The glossary’s aim is to clarify and define terminology not part of the everyday vernacular. The list includes terms ranging from basic shoe parts to proprietary materials. Not sure what a medial posting is or which runner it is optimal for? There is an entry to take away the guesswork. Curious how Brooks’ DNA technology differs from Mizuno’s Wave Plate? The glossary spells it out for you.

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Newton Running launches Distance Elite shoe

The Distance Elite has been developed with Newton Running’s top athletes

Boulder, Colorado-based running shoe manufacturer Newton Running has announced the release of the Distance Elite, the latest addition to its performance line.

The result of months of extensive testing by members of the Newton Running Elite racing team, the Distance Elite features a race-specific fit and a streamlined midsole, creating a lightweight, highly responsive shoe that tips the scales at 204g for men and 175g for women.

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Nike unveils 30th anniversary edition of Air Pegasus shoe

The Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 have been voted ‘Best Buy’ in the latest edition of Runners World

Nike is undoubtedly one of the heavyweights of the running world, with the company’s recent Free and Flyknit offerings becoming a big hit with customers.

The company has delivered a nod to its past this week, however, with the unveiling of a 30th anniversary edition of one of the moved loved running sneakers of all time, the Nike Air Pegasus+ 30, in a video featuring Britain’s greatest ever middle distance runner, Mo Farah.

While the style remains true to its original form, runners can enjoy modernised perks, such as Nike Zoom springy cushioning in the heel and no-sew overlays for a seamless interior which weighs just 306g.

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Brooks unveils ‘most cushioned shoe’ yet – the Transcend

Will the Brooks Transcend help popularise cushioned shoes again?

This week at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, a trade show held in Salt Lake City, Brooks has unveiled the Transcend, a new heavily cushioned running shoe.

Likened to an oversize golf driver or shaped skis by the company, the shoes utilise a new foam compound that’s said to offer 25 per cent more cushioning than BioMoGo DNA—the high-quality midsole material found in Brooks’ Pure Project shoes.

This means that the Transcend provides the softest ride of any shoe the company offers, what Brooks calls the “float.” At the other end of a spectrum of runner’s experiences is “feel,” meant to describe lightweight footwear that positions a runner’s foot closer to the running surface.

Thanks to a blend of foam and Brooks DNA cushioning material, however, the new foam is said to adapt to the amount of force applied to it—bigger runners will experience a firmer platform so that the cushioning doesn’t “bottom out.”

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A stitch in time saves Adidas’ virtual design process over one million material samples

Adidas has announced that the use of virtual technology in its product design process has saved the company more than one million material samples, as it looks to ramp up 3D modelling across its operations throughout the world.

The company launched its Virtualization programme back in 2004 as a way of not only injecting greater innovation into its designs, but to reduce its environmental footprint. Virtualization allows Adidas to engineer out waste and other resource impacts by fundamentally rethinking its product design strategies. 

“During the product creation phase, an area where we can make a difference is to use virtual technology to share designs and sell in our products. This can save energy, materials, and waste too,” said Renate Eder, Adidas’ team leader for creation technologies apparel.

Shoes such as the Springblade were designed through Adidas’ Virtualization program

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Nike unveils new Free Flyknit trainers

Earlier this week, Nike released a whole lot of information about its next running shoe – the Nike Free Flyknit, which offers something pretty unique.

To put it crudely, it’s basically a sock with the sole of a running shoe attached to the bottom of it. The shoes are designed for a near-barefoot style, making it the next step along in Nike’s current Free Run range, combining Flyknit technology with Nike’s hugely popular Nike Free+ 5.0 midsole.

Stretch to fit – the new Nike Free Flyknit

The new running shoes are the product of a new design ethos Nike is calling ‘nature amplified’, the concept of using data driven advanced sports science to strip away all but the essentials for optimum performance.

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Grin and bear it? Researchers find barefoot running and even high heels ‘better for your knees’ than running shoes

As someone plagued with dodgy knees, I’ve always been interested in finding the most comfortable footwear for my running. But forget all the news around breathable fabrics and mouldable soles, as scientists in the U.S may have a better idea (although I’m guessing it’ll only be appropriate for half of the population…)

Researchers from JKM Technologies LLC in Charlottesville, Virginia, observed the running motions of 68 active young adult runners, including 37 women, in treadmill and video studies. The team found that wearing athletic shoes caused excessive strain on hip, knee and ankle joints with 38 per cent more ankle twisting than when running barefoot.

The next big running trend? (Image via China People’s Daily)

“Remarkably, the effect of running shoes on knee joint torques (twisting) during running that the authors observed here is even greater than the effect that was reported earlier of high-heeled shoes during walking,” said study leader D. Casey Kerrigan.

Barefoot shoes have become increasingly popular over the last few years, boosted by the ever-growing appeal of testimonies such as those seen in bestseller “Born to Run” by Christopher McDouggall.

But whilst the study leaders certainly aren’t suggesting that runners should suddenly ditch their athletic shoes for high heels or FiveFingers, they do advocate getting as close to barefoot as possible.

“Reducing joint torques with footwear completely, to that of barefoot running, while providing meaningful footwear functions, especially compliance, should be the goal of new footwear designs,” said Kerrigan.

[Via Yahoo! Shine]