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Creator of ‘Guitar Hero’ launches fitness app

Adding gamification is a great way to motivate people to stay committed throughout the different process of getting fit. We’ve seen in the past how a good bit of innovative storytelling can inspire users to go that extra mile, and now there’s a new entry to the market from the makers of hit music game Guitar Hero.

Users can choose from a variety of games to help make their workout more enjoyable

Called Blue Goji, the app looks to transform any piece of cardio equipment into an interactive gaming machine. Simply attach the two controllers, each of which has two buttons, to the handles of a piece of equipment such as a bike, clip on the activity sensor, and you can choose from a variety of games to help speed you through your workout.

The game element is viewed on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, showing your character in a variety of scenarios, such as a boat race or boxing competition, with its speed or power coming from your output, measured by Goji’s fitness tracker, either in your pocket or clipped to your belt.

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Second-generation Pebble smartwatch to be unveiled this week?

We’ve been great fans of Pebble’s innovative smartwatch in the past, as it features good interactivity and linking options to other useful apps.

It seems that the company is looking to build on their strong existing position by releasing a new and updated device at this week’s CES show in Las Vegas.

Could this be the launch of the new smartwatch?

Pebble teased a special announcement by CEO Eric Migicovsky today, although there are no words on the product or service yet, most signs point to a new smartwatch

The original Pebble watch is about a year old now, and in the face of growing competition, a second-generation device seems probable.

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Latest Fitbit update turns your iPhone 5S into a fitness tracker

The Fitbit iPhone app received a notable update today that brings basic tracking features directly to the iPhone 5S without the need of one of Fitbit’s tracking watches.

Version 2.1 of the app introduces the new “MobileTrack” feature, which takes advantage of Apple’s new M7 motion co-processor, provides some of FitBit’s basic activity tracking features right on the device.

The app will track usage data from your iPhone 5S for analysis

This means, however, that the update is only available to iPhone 5S users. They will also be able to try basic features of the app before choosing whether to invest in  Fitbit’s hardware.

The app has also welcomed a number of other new features, including redesigned silent alarms, the ability to a set a custom water goal, and a revamped profile editor, tracker settings, and sign-up screen.

[Via The Verge]

Pyle Audio launches Bluetooth-enabled scales to check your Christmas weight gain

Worried that you might be piling on the pounds a bit too much over Christmas? Dreading the thought of the new year’s resolutions? Well help could be at hand from the latest household connected device.

Say hello to the catchily-named Pyle Bluetooth Fitness Scale. Available now for $59.99 in black, green, orange, pink, or grey, these bathroom scales will link to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. The scales will send information about your weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass and bone mass to your device, which will use this information to tailor workouts accordingly.

The scales will send information to your smartphone or connected device

Pyle (who normally specialise in audio technology, but have recently launched the Pyle Health range) has a Bluetooth-ready app ready to roll which allows users to create profiles and chart their progress. You can even share your results via Twitter or Facebook if you so please.

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Focus TRAINR app looks to turn your smartwatch into a virtual personal trainer

Focus, a newly formed creative start-up, has announced the release of TRAINR, its new app that is aiming to put the power of a personal trainer onto your wrist.

Available now for the Samsung Galaxy Gear and other compatible smartphones, TRAINR is the first fitness app that provides custom training programs while automatically identifying exercises, tracking repetitions, sets and rest periods.

The app works with your wearable device to devise appropriate workouts

With TRAINR, the combination of a wearable device and smartphone evolves into a powerful fitness-training tool, accessible anytime and anywhere, explaining how to train to achieve goals.

While most fitness monitoring devices track only cardiovascular exercise (such as steps and stairs), TRAINR targets users practicing resistance and body weight training by providing top-trainer designed workouts tailored to them.

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NHS launches apocalypse-themed fitness app

Getting people involved in exercise is always a challenge, and the NHS has tried a wide variety of tactics to try and get people to be more active. Now they are embracing gamification through the release of a new app, The Walk.

Developed with app-maker Six to Start, who previously made the excellent Zombies, Run!, The Walk encourages players to walk in order to progress through a story and unlock audio clips.

The Walk places characters in an Britain ravaged by a mysterious event

Described as a mix of North By Northwest and The 39 Steps, the game begins with a fictional explosion at Inverness station which knocks out transport and communications networks across the country.

Players then assume the role of a character called Walker, who has to carry a mysterious package the length of the country.

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World Fit 1.0 introduces users to a new fitness social network

California-based World Fit has announced its brand new fitness app for the iPhone and iOS that promises to help users tone and lose weight.

World Fit 1.0 offers users a calorie counter that has the added power of social media. The application has a number of diet plans to pick from along with the option of sharing and getting tips from other users or friends. The app is based on the company’s ethos, explained by CEO Carlos Padilla as, “If you surround yourself with others that have the same goal as yourself, you are more likely to succeed”.

World Fit 1.0 allows users to link into a social network dedicated to fitness

Meal plans can be shared and viewed with the diet plans customizable to suit the user’s needs, and the app is aimed at those looking to lose weight along with adding and toning muscle, and is suitable for users of all levels of fitness

Useful tips, advice, and encouragement can be found from other users and friends who may also be using the app can be kept track of via the fit share feed.

World Fit 1.0 is available worldwide on the App Store now, priced at £0.69/$0.99.

[Via Daily Apps Show]

Fuel My Run app helps you stay fully-charged

There are a wealth of fitness apps available for smartphone users now, but so far none has focused on the challenge of ensuring that you stay energised throughout your exercise. However, that issue could well now be solved by new app Fuel My Run.

Nutrition is a crucial aspect for long-distance runners, and with prospective marathon runners getting stuck into their training across the winter period, fuelling needs are paramount in order to get results.

Fuel My Run is aiming to make fuelling up easier, providing distance calculation, fuelling reminders, carbohydrate consumption data, and plans for keeping nutrients in check during long workouts.

Users can input the different types of fuel they will use to simulate a race environment

Based on creator Mark Kennedy’s personal marathoning experience, Fuel My Run provides a fresh new take on a challenging and complex element of endurance sports: keeping carbohydrate levels up during long, difficult workouts. After hitting the wall at the 30km mark, Kennedy realized that he had overlooked his personal fuelling strategy-a common oversight for even the most experienced runner.

“More often than not, its lack of adequate fuelling that causes a runner to hit the wall. All the training in the world will not help a runner in those last few kilometres of a race unless they have taken their fuelling seriously. Fuel My Run is the tool I wish I had while training for my second marathon,” Kennedy says.

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Meet Project Runsafer – the running shoe that tells you when you’re going wrong

We all love running, but it can’t be denied that it does bring the risk of a wide range of injuries. But how can you avoid overstretching yourself and causing potential damage?

That’s the question that the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IPMS) from Germany has set out to answer. It has this week announced that it has, in association with scientists in five European countries, developed the Runsafer smart running shoe, which will help identify potential issues before they become troublesome.

Project Runsafer utilises a number of sensors to gather information on your running style, which will then be sent to your smartphone

The shoe uses a range of built-in sensors measuring G force, direction, and GPS in order to determine how hard, how fast, and how long you’re running, including information about whether you’re on a hard or soft surface, and when you are taking a break.

The shoe transmits this data via Bluetooth to your smartphone, which then connects to a central computer which will analyse this information. Based on this, you will get tips sent back to your phone suggesting ways to improve your workout.

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Moves fitness app announces new update, introduces user accounts and connected apps

We’ve written a lot about wearable technology recently, with smartwatches and activity trackers seeming to swamp the market at the moment. But what if you don’t want to shell out for a new device? Well, there are a wide range of smartphone apps that will do a similar job, and one of the most successful is Moves.

Moves acts as a fitness and activity tracker without the need for a new device

The app has just announced an update to Moves 2.0, bringing a selection of useful new additions, including the introduction of user accounts. This is a useful addition, as it means that your app data isn’t in danger of being lost when switching between devices.

Moves’ developers have also added API support and a catalogue of connected apps. Similar to keeping your history between device moves with the account option, the connected apps catalogue means your Moves data can be imported and used with other apps.

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