Category Archives: Apps introduces BodySpace app to help us hit our fitness goals, one of the world’s largest fitness resources, is bringing its BodySpace offering – the largest online fitness network – to mobile devices in order to help people achieve their goals even more easily. The free fitness app, available on both Apple and Android devices, houses one of the industry’s most in-depth workout trackers, and provides people with the tools they need to succeed in getting fit.

The app offers tailor-made fitness programs from some of Hollywood’s finest trainers

Last year, members of BodySpace who were aiming to lose weight lost 823,066 pounds, and more than 4,500 people moved from obesity to a healthy weight based on percentage of body fat, so the company is coming from an extremely knowledgeable standpoint, with 26 million users worldwide.

“While there are a ton of fitness apps out there, most don’t really tie together people’s overall fitness goals with the programs, structure and tracking that the BodySpace app offers,” said Preston Lewis, lead product designer at

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Under Armour signals move into wearable tech market with $150m purchase of MapMyFitness

Under Armour has announced it will be moving into the wearable technology market this week, by declaring that it has bought workout app company MayMyFitness for $150million.

The move puts the company in charge of one of the biggest social sports communities on mobile devices, and pitches Under Armour right into the current battle between industry heavyweights such as Adidas, Nike, and Jawbone, amongst others.

The beginning of a beautiful relationship?

MapMyFitness, which was launched in 2007 and is based in Austin, Texas, counts 20 million registered users–nine million of which use its service on a monthly basis and 700,000 of which use it daily. It ranks fifth among the top developers of sports fitness apps, according to research conducted by IHS Electronics & Media in April, which puts the number of app installs among the top five at 83 million.

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Nike launches second generation FuelBand SE

As reported earlier in the month, Nike has today unwrapped the new version of its FuelBand activity tracker, the FuelBand SE , at an event in New York.

Nike revealed the new edition of the FuelBand in New York today (image via CBS Interactive)

Described by Nike as “the smart, simple, and fun way to get more active”, the new device addresses criticism that its earlier device failed to recognise that some activities use more energy than others.

In a start-studded unveil featuring Olympic gymnast Shaw Johnson, US track and field athlete Ashton Eaton and New York Giants football player Victor Cruz, the FuelBand was given a thorough run-down by Nike representatives as well as members of the press, who took part in an interactive challenge onstage. This was to demonstrate how the upgraded device regulates the energy expended on different kinds of activity, from running to rowing to boxing.

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Apple poaches brains behind Nike Fuelband and Flyknit shoes to head up iWatch team?

Apple’s rumoured iWatch could well feature fitness technology capabilities (image courtesy of PC Advisor)

Following the news in August that  fitness industry consultant Jay Blahnik, who previously worked with Nike in developing the FuelBand health monitor, had joined Apple to presumably work on the company’s much-rumoured iWatch device, another former Nike employee is apparently now heading on the way to Cupertino.

Ben Shaffer, the studio director responsible for Innovation Kitchen – Nike’s research and development lab where new products are thought up, will be joining Apple soon to boost its growing wearable technology team.

Whilst under Shaffer’s leadership the company was named by Fast Company as 2013’s most innovative company and the studio most recently produced the Nike Fuel Band and Flyknit shoes.

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Microsoft announces Xbox One fitness app

The Xbox Fitness app will be available for all users signing up for Xbox Live Gold Membership

Microsoft has announced Xbox Fitness, a fitness app for the Xbox One that will use the console’s Kinect functionality to monitor the player’s progress.

According to Xbox Wire, the app, which will be included with Xbox Live Gold Membership, is a selection of interactive fitness videos from fitness brands Beachboy’s P90X and INSANITY. The videos also star some of the brands’ more well-known trainers such as Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson and Tony Horton.

Xbox Fitness will work much the same way as many of the other fitness games released on this generation of consoles, with players using Kinect to interact with the game to copy the activities of the trainers in the videos.

Kinect will also monitor the player’s heart rate and the engagement of their muscle groups in order to gauge their performance. Given the improved latency of the Xbox One Kinect module, as well as its improved monitoring of the player’s engagement, its possible Xbox Fitness may not be as infuriating as some of the fitness games on the current gen.

Xbox Fitness will be available for free to all Xbox One owners who purchase an Xbox Live Gold Membership and the app will be available until December 2014.


Strava Run will be first fitness app to utilise iPhone 5S’ M7 motion coprocessor

Strava Run is available to download for iPhone 5S users now

We’ve previously written about how Apple’s new iPhone 5S, with a new and powerful M7 coprocessor, will change the way that fitness apps are designed and operate, focusing particularly on the Nike + Move app featured in the device’s reveal.

But now we’ve had news of the first app that will be released that properly utilises this functionality, courtesy of Strava.

The app, unsurprisingly entitled Strava Run,  is similar to many other fitness running apps, as it allows you to track your distance, speed and numerous other variables of your run. What makes it unique for now, however, is the fact that it pulls data from the M7 in addition to GPS.

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Newest update to MY ASICS brings personalised training plans to your phone

The new version of MY ASICS allows much more targeted goal setting for your workouts

Asics has announced that version 2.0 of its MY ASICS app is now available to download.

Supplementing the shoe manufacturer’s online web service, the app lets you sign up for and manage your training plan entirely from your phone. Whether you’re aiming for a full marathon, 10k, or just a gradual improvement in fitness, Asics’ promise isn’t just a personalised training plan; it’s that the app can find the optimal length and distance for your workouts based on your current ability, constantly tweaking parameters to find the best fit.

“This whole quantified self-movement only tells you where you are, not where you’re going,” says Asics project lead Alex Mrvaljevich. Unlike its best known competitors, starting a new plan in My Asics begins with you filling in your best race time and target.

It then comes back with an optimised personal training program (never more than four runs a week) along with your forecasted speed at the end of the training.

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Get ready for a new generation of apps: Nike+ Move to be first motion app for iPhone 5S

Apple showed off the new incarnation of the Nike+ Move app at its launch event last night (image courtesy of

Following Apple’s reveal of its new smartphones and operating system last night, it seems that companies have already been hard at work ensuring their apps conform.

The companies new phones will include an M7 processor, capable of enabling the handset to gather data from its accelerometer, gyroscope and compass, meaning that work is taken off the main A7 processor in order to manage power more efficiently.

This means that developers will have the ability to tap into the M7’s functionality, thanks to a set of CoreMotion APIs.

Apple says the new developer tools will lead to, “better fitness and activity apps that go well beyond what other mobile devices offer”. The M7 processor measures user motion data, even while the device is asleep, and saves battery life for pedometer or other fitness apps that use the accelerometer throughout the day.

Accompanying the M7 processor and its new set of APIs on stage at the Apple event to illustrate these capabilities was the reveal of the Nike+ Move app. Nike and Apple say it will be available on the App Store in the near future, offering a FuelBand-like experience right from the phone.

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Hot5 fitness app looks to get you fit for just five minutes a day

The app offers you a choice of eight trainers to guide you through your workout

For many people, finding time to exercise these days is pretty tough, as work, social, and family demands all taking up a significant amount of our time – meaning that personal fitness often takes a back seat.

Enter a new fitness app that promises great results in return for just five minutes of your time, every day. It’s called Hot5, and it could be the answer to your prayers.

Following a growing recent trend, the app looks to move users toward high-intensity interval training – that is, rather than doing a bunch of slow exercises over a long period of time, condensing exercises into short bursts with little recovery time in-between.

In the case of Hot5, that means a daily regimen of five exercises, each lasting just a minute. These exercises are guided through a series of videos with real-life trainers showing users how to do them.

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Fitnotix Running App is with you every step of the way with GPS turn-by-turn directions

Fitnotix’s app allows turn-by-turn directions for your routes

Fitnotix has today announced the availability of its eponymous running app for iPhone users.

Now running apps are ten a penny, but Fitnotix stands out from the crowd by providing turn-by-turn directions through a user’s headphones, meaning (in theory) you should never get lost!

Asides from the usual functions that other running apps contain, such as tracking calories, the ability to share completed runs on social media and keep a running total of all stats, it also offers some neat other tricks.

Users can now plan their course using pinpoints, choose a starting point, and then choose every road or path they want to run on. They’ll also have the ability to get real time distance as they plan their course.

Fitnotix users can run a planned course, someone else’s planned course, or just start running. When running a planned course, users will receive GPS turn-by-turn directions.

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